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Journal 4: That Was a Great Phone Call


That Was a Great Phone Call

by Maggie Stough


Fucking asshole bro


Ridiculously unfair


Napoleon complex

Little asshole voids


Do me a favor

don’t have kids


Don’t clog the world

with cabbage patch kids






Super fucking bitchy

You fat piece of shit

You potato-faced mother fucker

You greasy ass

The only place

you are going to find work

in the future is


Shitty clown nose

It’s not like I wanted him

to slip on a pad of butter

and fall onto a skillet

so I could fry his face off

I really don’t harbor

any of those feelings


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4 Comments to

“Journal 4: That Was a Great Phone Call”

  1. Avatar November 13th, 2012 at 2:40 PM hayleyjoe Says:

    I sincerely appreciate how creative you were with your insults! But, I feel as though if you used less harsh language, the message of your poem would become more clear!

  2. Avatar November 16th, 2012 at 11:21 PM InfiniteHope Says:

    I do agree with Hayley to a point. The anger and voice is very clear but what exactly are they angry about, that does seem to get a bit muddle. The title: That Was a Great Phone Call. Was this over the phone? Was this a parent talking about to their child about how disappointed they feel and the child thoughts afterwards? Is this past thought over a break up? What am I missing?

  3. Avatar November 17th, 2012 at 2:53 AM csmccarry Says:

    I love this, particularly because I know the backstory. I feel like from now on, I’m going to abbreviate “potato-faced motherfucker” to PFMF and scream it at people.

  4. Avatar November 18th, 2012 at 10:39 PM dlamber2 Says:

    You used “asshole” or some variation on it a lot in the beginning, and it really gave the tone of an angry rant, where you’re so pissed off that you can’t think of any more good insults and you end up stuttering and repeating (hate it when that happens…), but then you don’t repeat it anymore after half way through. Although this is a rant, it is also a poem, and repeating “asshole” to steady the beat and rhythm might be beneficial.
    Also, the way you end the poem is awesomely abrupt, but it’d give the reader less of a sense of running face first into a brick wall (not in the good way) if you gave the last 3 lines their own stanza breakage.
    Love it, I will definitely be stealing some of these insults the next time I need them.